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Peter Penhallow began fooling around with the piano and imitating Elvis Presley at the age of three, and took up guitar at age nine.

In his youth, and beyond, he has had the good fortune to work and play with numerous of his luminous rock and roll idols. In the '80s, Peter (aka the Mr. Cheez Orchestra) was keyboardist for Loose Change, an improv comedy group which was a favorite at the Punch Line and the Holy City Zoo.

Peter is the award winning producer of 5 albums for young children, and has been a popular musical director for Children's and Community Musical Theater in Marin County, California, for over 30 years, and has more than 100 productions to his credit. He is also the award winning bandleader of the Liddypudlians, a 30-piece rock orchestra that performs Beatle songs, complete with horns, strings, chorus, and a crack rhythm section (provided by the bay area's premier 60's power trio Revolver, for San Anselmo's annual and widely celebrated Salute to the Beatles.

Peter is currently working on an album with his new band Coupla Roommates.




News & Upcoming Gigs

The Liddypudlians are frozen in cryostasis, set to awaken sometime in the future. Feel free to drop me a line for updates.

Mahalo and Aloha.

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