• video

    A post-stroke activity/project.
    1st recording of 2020.
    Written in '75 or '76, 45 years ago.
    I was 21 or 22.
    I was living with Bernie Chiaravalle on Union St. in San Rafael,
    and had a dream about a Sea Captain.
    Been wanting to record it since then, so I finally just did.

    There's a Sea Captain living in our attic I'd say
    He cries like the devil, but he only wants to play
    And play he did with me while I was sleeping one night
    He took my astral self, to no avail I tried to fight.

    He knew that I was scared, apparently that is why
    He had so much power over me and that he had only one eye
    I figured out that he was a Sea Captain and the birds
    Told me that he surely had a Captain's choice of words
    La la ta di da da da da ti da

    He led me to a mirror and I saw that I was him
    I called for help then saw a friend although the light was dim
    My friend he told me not to worry 'bout my present state
    I then recalled the fact that I exist because of fate.

    Listen to me I said to our Sea Captain friend
    It's truly been a pleasure but this game has got to end
    I knew by then that this affair by no means had been a dream
    I consciously relaxed now free of fear and freed my beam.
    La la ta di da da da da ti da

    Once back in my body I was out just like a light
    Fell outta bed the next day, what a heavy night
    Remembered all my dreams and that's exactly what they were
    Except the confrontation with the Sea Captain for sure
    La la ta di da da da da ti da

    La la ta di da da da da ti
    Da da ta di da
    La la ta di da da da da ti da

    It's a Sea Captain
    It's a Sea Captain
    It's a Sea Captain
    It's a Sea Captain
  • Bach 2-Part Invention #2

    Jazzed up a little.
  • LDL

    I don't remember what LDL stands for.
    Little ditty... something, I think.
    Written when I was 16 (1970), recorded in 2019, but mastered in 2020.
    Simple, and certainly derivative.
    And interesting to determine just what my influences were/are,
    as this was a year before my Alice Cooper/Captain Beefhart themed power trio in high school.
    So there is a diametric difference the two.
    Versed in softball and hardball I guess.
    And we're all products of our influences, yes?
    Hard to reinvent the wheel, but we can put our own "spin" on it.
    And loving my new Ozone Elements mastering plug-in.
    Makes it sound almost real!
  • All You Need Is Love

    From the Liddies last show in 2013.
    Re-mastered in 2020.
  • Cover Up

    I don't know
    if there is
    a cover up
    in politics
    or pandemic
    I dont know if there is a
    to 5g
    or to 5g being the cause of the pandemic
    I don't know about conspiracy theories
    but just in case...
  • Cottontail

    Written at 22, in '76.
  • I'll Be Damned

    Written in the '80s, recorded in the 90s. Remasterd now, 2020.
    Total early Bill Champlin influence. I had a falsetto once... and an SG.
  • Fun

    SIP noodling.
    Wrote this in the '80s.
    Reworked it just now, May 2020.
    Lyrics were written about an hour before I sang 'em.