The Mr. Cheez Orchestra

  • Love in Mary - written at 15, probably my first bonafide actual song. Inspired by my first muse.
  • My Lady High - wrote it when I was 16, for my first love. My Hendrix period.
  • 2nd Chance - written at 19.
  • What'll It Be? - written in 1980 for the bar scene in Ecosm - the Inevitable, our Space-Rock Opera.
  • Broken in Two - written at 19, in 1973, while gigging (and freezing) in Anchorage, Alaska.
    The backing tracks were recorded at 26 in 1980 for Ecosm.
    Had the tapes baked and digitized a while back.
    Recorded the vocals today, 2/5/21.
    I actually kind of like the lyrics. Not bad for a 19 year old.
  • At a Moment's Notice - Poem by Donny MacLeod, performed in '76 for Don abd Vickie's wedding, with Timmy/Logos!
  • Hail to Magic! - old Timmy tune.
  • Sister Midnight - written when I was 24, for the one that got away.
  • Let Me Let You - came to me at around 26, while sitting in a tree, pining for my college sweetheart, as well as for God.
  • Wavewidths of Time - written at about 30, in the style of Larmo Williams.
  • Witness - written sometime in the '80s.
  • Ain't Got No Matches - Among my very 1st. Used to play it at the local Teen Center when I was 16.
  • Dm Suite - 1969 - Age 15 (part II = 1978 - Age 24)