Cream of Chicken


  • Hot Water - 45
    Guest Stars: Andy West and Paul Zahl
  • Die Alive
  • Street Blood
  • Hot Water LP
  • Luann
  • Goodbye Desire
  • Emerge Victorious
    Live 75
  • Die Alive
  • Street Blood
  • Hot Water
  • Luann
  • Goodbye Desire
  • Vertical Smile
  • Overnight Vacation
  • Gzork
  • I'm Spaceman
    To the gods...
    The General
    Piece of Cake
    Nuts to You
    Hell No
    I Will Be Your Cupcake If You'll Be My Wagga Baby Uh Huh

    Pikwheat Cheezfoot
    Mik E. Fik
    Bam Bam Boombus
    Cream of Chicken was formed, and these songs were conceived and honed, in High School, in 1971, when we were 16.
    We reformed briefly in 1974.