Team of Incredibly Music Minded Youngsters (TIMMY)
Group of Desperate Young Men (GODYM)
brought to you by
Eternal Youth Enterprises (EYE)


Timmy's 1st recordings
  • Big Long One
  • Uncover America
  • Peace of Mind
  • Birthday - Part 2 (SF State)
  • Resurrection (COM)
  • Halloween (COM)
  • Times Two (COM)
    The Stone (1980)
  • Jungle
  • Halloween
  • Always Be There Late
    The Mab (1980)
  • Showcase
  • Sailin' Tune
  • Sheen! (Mr. Cheez redo 2022)
  • Hail to Magic (Prequel) (Mr. Cheez redo 2022)
  • Crystal Ball (Mr. Cheez redo 2023, from UTB)
  • Resurrection (Mr. Cheez redo 2018)
  • Group of Desperate Young Men! - Part 1 (Mr. Cheez redo C21)
  • X2 22 - Uncle/Mister redo C21

    Unearthed in the 21st Century
  • Birthday Part II (Keys and Drums Basic 1980)
  • Sailin' Tune Basic (NYE 21 find!)
    John Harrison - Keys and Vocals; Peter Penhallow - Keys and Vocals; Donny MacLeod - Bass/Guitar; Bob Rigus (Uncle Woofy) - Drums.
    Engineers: Mark (Rooseter - "the Bird is the Word") Richardson and Sponk.
    Extra Special Gratitude: BB

  • Pictured L-R: John Harrison (Langford); Antonius (Bob) Rigus (Uncle Woofy); Peter Penhallow (Mr. Cheez), Donny MacLeod (Jock McNutt).