• I Can't Complain
  • Feel the Rain
  • Don't Cry (with Mystery Guest)
  • I Been Tryin'
  • If You Walk Away
  • All You Ever Really
  • On Down the Line
  • Rock and a Hard Place
  • The Time Is Right
  • Time Keeps On Tickin'
  • Tryin' to Get to Sleep
  • You Got It Comin'
  • We Finally Made It
  • Comin' Back Someday
  • My Autograph
  • There was legend that John had a ton of piano practice tapes that he kept under his bed.
    This is that collection.
    Among the massive amount of cassettes, there was also a separate duffel bag full of yet more cassettes.
    On this page are my favorites from the collection.
    Largely tunes of John's that I had never heard before.