It Might Rain

  • I'm After You
  • The Hero Is Dead
  • Under the Weather
  • Big Boy
  • Baby Lady
  • Honestly Lovely
  • It Might Rain
  • Nuclear Affair
  • Right Time
  • You Don't Know Me
  • Reddi Freddi

  • Timmy Page

  • Cover Art - Prairie Prince

    Pictured L-R: John Harrison, Paul Chatterton, Donny MacLeod, Peter Penhallow


    | I'm After You - Harrison
    | The Hero Is Dead - Penhallow
    | Big Boy Get With It - Harrison
    |||| Under the Weather - Harrison
    || Baby Lady - Harrison
    ||| Honestly Lovely - Harrison/MacLeod

    | It Might Rain - Harrison
    || Nuclear Affair - Harrison/Gregg
    | You Don't Know Me - Harrison
    | Right Time - Harrison
    ||| Reddi Freddi - Harrison

    John Harrison - Keyboards, Lead Vocals
    Peter Penhallow - Keyboards, Lead Vocals
    Don MacLeod - Guitar, Vocals
    Paul Chatterton - Drums/Percussion


    Andy West - Bass on Baby Lady, Honestly Lovely, Nuclear Affair (& BG Vox), Ready Freddy; Charlie Tapp - Drums/BG Vox on Baby Lady, Honestly Lovely, Ready Freddy; Bob Rigus - Drums/Percussion on Honesly Lovely, Ready Freddy; Vince Welnick - Keyboards on Under the Weather; Don MacLeod - Shotgun on Ready Freddy

    The song "It Might Rain" is dedicated to
    the future existence of our earth.

    Cover Art by Prairie Prince.

    Printed A.S.A.P. at San Anselmo Printing Inkorporated.
    Mastered at Fantasy Studio, Berkeley, CA. by George Horn.

    | Recorded at Atmosphere, San Rafael
    Engineered By Greg Schmitzer
    Produced by EYE and Greg Schnitzer

    || Recorded at Eddy Offord Studio, Atlanta, GA
    Engineered by Eddy Offord
    Produced by EYE and Eddy Offord

    ||| Recorded at Atmosphere, San Rafael
    Engineered by Mark "Rooster" Richardson
    Produced by EYE, Rooster, & Sponk

    |||| Recorded at Soundhole (The Tubes), San Francisco, Atmosphere, San Rafael, and Prairie Sun, Cotati
    Engineered by Greg Schnitzer
    Produced by EYE, Vince Welnick, and Greg Schnitzer


    Sponk, Rob, Paula, Pete, Rusko, Ted, Babette, Jacques, Wendy, Bill, Mark, Larry, Vince, Rooster, Mike B., Suzanne, Ken Simon, Terri, Sandy, Timmy, Prairie, Janice C, Terry Dolph, Wild Dog Fulton, Vicki, Debbie, Nito (and for the inspiration provided by so many others our heartfelt thanks).
    And special thanks to Brad Moreno for all his efforts in our pursuits.

    This project is dedicated to
    John, Donny, Rooster, and Brain (our Angels!)


    Second Printing
    © 2005 Brown Sound Records